DF3 Import/Export

This example shows the vascular network of a mouse embryo (E9.5) stained for endothelial cells with PECAM-1 and AF488 illustrated by single plane illumination light microscopy (courtesy of Boris Strilic, Eckhard Lammert and Stephan Preibisch). The microscopy stack was exported to the df3 format to render this movie (download as avi or mov) with POV-Ray.

Import and export image stacks from and to the simple df3 format as used by POV-Ray for volumetric density functions. The df3 format supports 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit unsigned integer values. Due to the lack of a 32-bit unsigned integer image type in ImageJ, such df3-files will open as 32-bit float stacks. That is you will lose some accuracy during opening and saving 32-bit data with ImageJ. The export-plugin can generate a generic POV-Ray scene file that may be used to render those stacks with POV-Ray. This plugin turns ImageJ into a powerful df3-editor. It is published under the terms of the GPL.

The following packages are required in ImageJ's plugins folder:

The sources are here:

This plugin is part of Fiji and will be maintained there in the future.