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Fiji / ImageJ

The mpicbg package
A collection of algorithms focusing on image transformation, registration and interpretation. The package includes our implementation of the popular feature transforms SIFT and MOPS, a variety of image transformation models and a set of algorithms for outlier removal and optimization.
Together with Tobias Pietzsch and Stephan Preibisch, we develop a generic image processing library for the Java programming language. Inspiration comes from the C++ projects ITK and VIGRA. This project is supported by the Fiji and ImageJDev communities.
Albert Cardona's tool for navigation, reconstruction and analysis of very large serial section microscopy datasets.
A lightweight SIFT-implementation for Java after the paper of David Lowe (2004). JavaSIFT is now part of the mpicbg package in Fiji.
Panorama Viewer
A simple interactive panorama viewer for ImageJ / Fiji.
DF3 import/export
Import and export image stacks from and to the simple df3 format as used by POV-Ray for volumetric density functions. This project is now part of Fiji


The Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data.


TEM Evaluation Data Set (263MB)
An artificially generated data set that simulates typical structures in Transmission Electron Microscopy slides of biological specimen, like membranes, nucleoli and mitochondria. We used this data set for evaluation of our registration routines. You can browse the data set with our web-interface.
Creative Commons License TEM Evaluation Data Set by Stephan Saalfeld is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany License.
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