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Stephan Saalfeld is currently a postdoc in Pavel Tomančák's Lab at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany. He holds a Ph.D. by the Computer Science Faculty of Technische Universität Dresden, funded by the PhD program of the International Max Planck Research School for Molecular Cell Biology and Bioengineering, and a Diploma (German M.Sc. equivalent) in Computer Science and Media (Technische Universität Dresden, 2008).

Stephan is an experienced software designer and developer with particular focus on web-applications and image processing. He contributes to the open source projects ImgLib2, CATMAID, Fiji and TrakEM2.

His current research focus is image registration and interpretation in the context of biological microscopy, particularly Electron Microscopy of neuronal tissue. To this end he collaborates, among many others, with Albert Cardona, Volker Hartenstein, Mitya Chklovskii, Ignacio Arganda-Carreras, and Verena Kaynig.

In 2002, he co-founded the free-lance developer network which is currently on hiatus, all members being fully occupied by their scientific and commercial careers.