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HowTo: Dell M1330 & Windows XP x64

Please note: This is how the installation of Windows XP x64 worked for me on the M1330. It might not work exactly the same way on your machine. So there is no waranty from my side!
I was not able to test the drivers for Wireless USB and the Fingerprint Reader myself, thanks to Nicole for the hint!

A HowTo for the installation of 32-bit WindowsXP on the M1330 can be found here, thanks for the inspiration and help!

First Steps

Before you start the installation, you should change two things in the BIOS (Press F2). First you should enable Virtualization, somebody on the net said 64-Bit does not work without that. Second you should set your Drive Mode from AHCI to SATA if you do not own an ancient floppy drive as the Windows setup does not provide driver for AHCI.

OS Installation

If you didn't change your Drive Mode to SATA you must provide the correct AHCI drivers on a floppy disc. You can download them from HP here. Shakey_Jake33 recently posted in the Forum of (worth reading!) that for him the HP driver does not work but he used this one from Dell instead.
During bootup from the CD you press F6. The correct driver from the list is: Intel(R) 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCIController (Mobile ICH8M-E/M)
The rest of the installation process is straight forward and should not be a problem.

Driver Installation

The hardest part is the download of all the drivers. Many of them are hidden somewhere on the Dell support page as they officially do not ship this notebook with 64-Bit operating systems (yet). But don't worry, you will find drivers for all your devices.

First I installed the Intel Mobile Chipset driver which you can download from the Dell Support website, here is a direct link to the file. Unfortunately, my USB did not work afterwards. You can solve this problem by replacing the Dell USB2.0 driver with the general drivers from Microsoft (Hint: You can use the Touchpad, first I thought I screwed everything up :D ).

The rest of the drivers are quite straight forward to install once you found them on the internet. See my list of drivers below:

Broadcom 57XX/59XX Gigabit Integrated Controller
Website: Dell Support
Direct Link: Download file

Broadcom Advanced Control Suite
You might also want to install the Control Suite...
Website: Control Suite
Direct Link: Download file

Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
Website: Dell Support (M1330)
Direct Link: Download file

Alternatively: Intel(R) WiFi Link 4965AGN
Website: Intel Download Page
Direct Link: Download file

Website: Dell Support (M90)
Direct Link: Download file

Ricoh R5C832 Memory Card Driver
Website: Dell Support (M90)
Direct Link: Download file

Touch Pad Driver
Website: Dell Support
Direct Link: Download file

Alternative (better) Touch Pad Driver not from Dell
Website: Synaptics Download Page

Official NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
Website: nVIDIA ForceWare X 167.57 for Windows XP 64bit
Website: nVIDIA ForceWare X 167.58 for Windows XP 64bit (Should not downclock the battery, thanks to Shakey_Jake33 again!)

Newest NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
Note: These are custom INF tweaked driver, you have to do it yourself as described on the webpage below. It worked for me but I do not take any responsiblity that it works on your computer. You need these drivers if you want to use use hardware accelerated CUDA API
Website: nVIDIA ForceWare X 16x.xx drivers for Windows XP 64bit

Bluetooth driver
Website: ANYCOM Bluetooth USB-200
Direct Link: Download file

Biometric Fingerprint Driver
Website: UPEK Fingerprint Driver
Direct Link: Download file

Wireless USB
Website: Description in Dell Forum
Website: Wireless USB Driver, has to be modified!
Direct Link: Download file

Dell QuickSet
Website: Dell Quickset
Direct Link: Download file

Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam
Website: Creative Labs Laptop Integrated Webcam
Direct Link: Download file

Dell Webcam Manager
You might also want to install the Webcam Manager, it offers some nice gimmicks...
Website: Dell Webcam Manager
Direct Link: Download file