Preibisch Laboratory                                            

Berlin Institute of Medical Systems Biology (BIMSB) of the Max Delbrück Center (MDC)
Currently located in Building 89 of the MDC Campus in Berlin-Buch

Consortia & Projects

Fiji Developer

Fiji is an image processing package. It can be described as a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ (and ImageJ2), bundling Java, Java3D and a lot of plugins organized into a coherent menu structure. Fiji compares to ImageJ as Ubuntu compares to Linux.

Transcription Imaging Consortium Collaborator

The Transcription Imaging Consortium (TIC) develops tools for in vitro and in vivo single molecule imaging and live-cell microscopy to enable investigation of the assembly, dynamics, and functional specificity of the eukaryotic transcription machinery.

ImgLib2 Founder/Developer with Stephan Saalfeld & Tobias Pietzsch

ImgLib2 is an open-source Java library for n-dimensional data representation and manipulation with focus on image processing. It aims at minimizing code duplication by cleanly separating pixel-algebra, data access and data representation in memory.

OpenSPIM Member

OpenSPIM is an Open Access platform for applying and enhancing Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) aiming to create a powerful synergy between Open Software and Open Hardware.


2012 - 2015
HFSP Long-Term Fellowship

Böhringer-Ingelheim short-term fellowship to visit Dr. Torsten Rohlfing at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, USA

2006 - 2010
PhD Fellowship from the Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics

Honors & Awards

Finalist of the 2011 Drosophila Image Award

2010, 2009, 2008
Travel Awards of the Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS-BB)